The older we get, the more our bodies and minds change. Our joints begin to ache, and our minds begin to forget things that used to be simple. However, assisted living doesn’t have to be a time of decline. There are many ways you can use your new situation as an opportunity for growth! Below, we’ll share some ideas on how you can grow old gracefully while in assisted living.

Don’t Stop Learning

It’s important to continue to learn new things as you age. Studies have shown that learning new things regularly can reduce the risk of cognitive decline, improving memory, attention, thinking, language, and reasoning skills in seniors. Art classes, gardening lessons, and other mind-stimulating activities are common in senior-friendly communities.

Senior living communities often offer the following workshops and classes:

  • A variety of arts and crafts classes are available, such as painting, knitting, pottery, and woodworking
  • Presentations that are informative, academic, and educational
  • Events that involve the written and spoken word, such as book clubs, poetry readings, and writing workshops
  • Technical skills, such as a foreign language or computer class tailored to specific skills or to a general learner

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Taking up a musical instrument is a great way to meet new people, have fun, and keep your mind active. Many studies have shown that music improves memory, concentration, and sleep patterns.

Additionally, aging family members who participate in musical activities tend to have more friends and live longer than those who don’t. In fact, older adults who regularly practice music have fewer doctor visits than those who don’t.

The majority of instruments can be learned for free online or at home! For beginner guitar players and other instruments such as piano or drums, there are many sites that offer free lessons. Start with something simple like the harmonica; if you make mistakes, you won’t be embarrassed to admit it!

Exercise and Mindfulness Activities

Through on-site gyms and ability- and skill-based activities, today’s senior communities make fitness fun and easy. Mindfulness-supporting activities are also becoming more common in communities.

Fitness opportunities include dancing classes or events, weight training or aerobics, Zumba and spin classes.

Mindfulness activities include gardening, meditation, yoga or chair yoga.

Staying active and healthy while learning new skills is one of the benefits of volunteering. Besides making new friends, gaining valuable work experience, and feeling good about yourself, it’s also an opportunity to make new friends. You can get involved in the community by volunteering at an animal shelter or food bank.

Don’t forget that local nonprofit organizations and community centers often need volunteers to help with fundraising and events management.

Discover Your Options at Fields Senior Living

In order to create meaningful experiences every day, Fields Senior Living collaborates with families to understand your loved one’s interests and engage their minds.

Get in touch with one of our team members to find out how Fields Senior Living can be your partner during your loved one’s stay in one of our Memory Care or Assisted Living communities.

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