Our Story

Discover our roots in senior housing, sparked by Emmett and Alice Koelsch in 1958 with The Monticello Hall. Their pioneering spirit led to the Pacific Northwest’s first assisted living, Delaware Plaza, and continues through their children’s senior communities nationwide.

Fields Senior Living Legacy

Our Family Legacy

In 1958, Emmett and Alice Koelsch launched our family’s senior housing journey with The Monticello Hall in Kelso, WA. Their teamwork led to pioneering the Pacific Northwest’s first assisted living, Delaware Plaza. Their legacy thrives through their children’s nationwide senior care communities.

Fields Senior Living Vacaville California - Team

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team, carrying forward the legacy of Emmett and Alice Koelsch. With passion and expertise, we operate senior living communities up and down the west coast, ensuring the highest quality of living for our residents.

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